2017 International Autumn Seminar on 
Propellants, Explosives and Pyrotechnics 

 Seoul, Korea, August 29-September 2, 2017

  The combined conference ( 4th KISHEM & 2017 IASPEP) of the 4th International Symposium on High Energy Materials(4th KISHEM-4) & 2017 International Autumn Seminar on Propellants, Explosives and Pyrotechnics (2017IASPEP) was successfully held from August 29 to September 2, 2017 in Seoul, Korea.  For more detail information, please visit the website http://www.kishem.co.kr/

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7th, Xi'an, 2007          8th, Kunming, 2009               9th, Nanjing, 2011            10th, Chengdu, 2013         11th, Qingdao, 2015 



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